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Bobcat Safety Procedure (Also Referred To As Skid Steer Loader)

The Bobcat/Skid Steer Loader Method Statement provides a frameword for managing the day to day hazards that involve operating Bobcats.

The Method Statement includes:

  • Site Risk Assessment
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Operators Requirements
  • Planning
  • Loading and unloading from a truck or tralier
  • Prestart
  • Machine Access
  • Seating and more
  • 4 Page Complete Procedure
  • MS Word Format
  • Ready to Use
  • Version 4.0



Bobcat Safety Notes:

Day Operations:
Safety footwear, hearing protection(ear plugs or muffs), high visibility shirt or vest, hard hat and sun protection if required (broad brim hat, sun screen, tinted safety glasses).
Night Operations:
As above but with a safety vest or shirt suitable for night work (i.e. D/N with reflective strips).





General Safety

NOTE: Skid steer loaders should not be parked with the bucket raised unless fitted with a safety lock.
NOTE: If the bucket is required in a raised position, have another person activate the safety lock to support the lift arms PRIOR to leaving the operator’s seat.
CHECK that the bucket is empty and that the wheels of the loader are clean.


When Unloading Or Loading A Bobcat

  • The Bobcat can only be transported on trucks or trailers that have been specifically modified to accept ramps.
  • Truck/trailer to be parked on level ground with its handbrake applied.
  • Ramps to be slid or lowered into position and secured.
  • Where applicable insert locking pins and clips in place.
  • Check that ramps are parallel
  • Drive forward down ramps.
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